Comment on No Charge over Ian Tomlinson G20 Death by Brian Hoskins.

I watched the video yesterday and found it necessary to run it three/four times.
I would like to know what the hell he was doing where the incident occurred in the first instance. I am sure no right -minded person would have been within a mile of the place. Just being told in the press that he was ‘on his way home from work’ isn’t good enough. I believe that anyone, finding themselves accidentally in a comparable situation would get away from that place as quickly as they could. However, he seemed completely unconcerned about any danger and seemed to take very little notice of what was going on around him. He walked immediately in front of the police towards their target. I distinctly got the impression that there was something wrong with him and this was before the police had a chance to lay a hand on him. Even after, when he was on the ground, he seemed to be arguing with the police. Then he got up and walked away a bit quicker than he had up to then. I’d say he wasn’t quite all there but I stress that this was only an impression I got from the video.