Comment on No Charge over Ian Tomlinson G20 Death by Cat.

Surprise, Surprise no one is getting charged for the involentary manslater of Ian Thomlinson the poor guy who was attached by the DEBADGED POLICE at the G20 protest, It was his fault for walking home from work selling newspapers! I am gutted for his family.
I am also gutted for the girl who had her baby beaten out of her by the same police force. as nothing will happen there either. probily gonna get my facebook removed by the courts for telling the truth but NO POLICE WILL EVER FACE CHARGES FOR ANY THING. Not one police man has ever been held accountable for his actions…. the IPCC stands for Intelligence police crime coverup not Independant police complaints commision.
No wonder Rauol Moat is hailed a Hero, its simply because he shot a policeman. shows what the rest of Britain think of the police too. too much buddy buddy system going on there even the coroners are under the polices payroll. it took 3 autopsies to conclued that he died from internal bleeding. the first was of course dimissed as natural causes.
how scary is that the Police can do anything they want to You or your Children and they wont be held accountable if you were to go on the IPCC website you will be sickened by what they have got away with such as Pepper spraying a 74 year old dementia patient. Stealing bottles of wine from Marks and sparks. when will this ever be stopped?
I am scared for the children, I know if a policeman was to do anything to them, no justice would come about it would be hushed up the offending officer moved to another area and even if they were suspended it would be on full pay. how wrong is this system, even if you did put in a complaint about anything Guess who inv…estigates Yep The POLICE! who will twist the stories to suit them. of which THEY DO!
Not even independant video evidence helps! or independant wittnesses. they will be classed as your best mate and dismissed as them being in on it.