Ian Tomlinson 47, an innocent newspaper seller was murdered last year after he got caught up in clashes with police and protesters in G20.

Video was recorded that showed; Ian Tomlinson (who wasn’t protesting or causing any trouble; just walking across the pavement with his head down, hands in pockets and minding his own business) was attacked by a police officer in a balaclava. The officer struck him in the back pushing him over. That caused Ian Tomlinson to die in the street later on that day.

But further on it gets more chilling. Ian Tomlinson’s autopsies draw up some conflicting evidence.

The First Autopsy concludes Ian Tomlinson died of a heart attack, and the coroner ignored the proven fatal bruising of the abdomen. But the first report says Tomlinson had a cardiac arrest and that would prove it was not caused by the barbaric behaviour by the police officer.

The Second Autopsy noticed and noted the bruising of the abdomen that brought the conclusion of internal bleeding which proved to be fatal to Ian.

Given all that hard evidence the Police officer has escaped all punishment (suspension and jail).

Now how is that fair in society, if anyone else were to knock down a 47 year old they would be tried in court for common assault or even manslaughter.
The officer should have been made as an example to anyone else who dares to show this behaviour, but instead they decide to parade this around and make it acceptable.

Seems like the cops are above the law.

Author: Caleb Law age: 13