Ed Miliband has won the Labour Leadership 2010.

Ed Miliband winning the Labour Leadership is shocking to me. I always thought that David Miliband would win because of the perception of him being more oven-ready and he looked the part, but Ed Miliband won by the trade union vote.

It had me at the end of my seat, just before the percentage was announced I thought to myself (in fact shouted it out) “ED MILIBAND IS GOING TO WIN!”.
It is interesting that Ed Miliband even though won by the trade union vote, was beaten by his brother David Miliband on the MP/MEP’s vote, which clearly indicates that David Miliband was most popular among the party.

He won by 50.65% of the vote against David’s 49.35%.

Even though neck and neck in all not a result I would have expected.

Author: Caleb Law age: 14