Well Just Ignore the Angry People Gove – Get on With Your Job and Act Like Nothing Happened.

We all remember School Secretary Michael Gove and his 25 errors, and 4 lists chock-a-block with mistakes.
Even though the truth that hasn’t clawed it’s way on the telly but it still is a truly sad truth. Michael Gove has caused several schools to loose money and be stuck in a kind of education ‘limbo’ that has angered many people in the schools.

His incompetence and careless behaviour has caused countless damage to important institutions I don’t see the Schools Secretary apologising for his mistakes that may make those effected schools work less efficiently and give a lower education to it’s student’s.

Should the Schools Secretary Michael Gove Loose His Job Because of the Mistakes He’s and Damages Made?

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Author: Caleb Law age: 13