According to the Liberal Democrats Party website the Liberal Democrats Party will try to achieve the following if they gain power at the 2010 general election:

The transport system should help individuals to make green choices about the way they live offering modern, affordable, accessible and reliable means of travel. We would invest in a proper public transport system, taxing lorries and domestic flights in order to provide substantial new investment in the rail network to create the 21st century rail network our children and grandchildren need. The failed deregulation of the bus industry must be reversed. We will give local authorities much more control over the pricing and planning of services to create a viable local transport system.

A modern, viable, accessible transport system – We believe people have a right to safe, reliable and affordable transport choices wherever they live. We will build a national rail network fit for the demands of modern Britain, including commencing a priority programme for high speed rail and introducing a rolling programme of rail expansion schemes in local areas including opening new lines. We will support local communities and localised transport by enhancing the powers of Integrated Transport Authorities and local authorities to control bus matters.

An environmentally friendly transport policy – We reject the Government’s failed predict and provide approach to aviation and would not build any new runway capacity in the south east of England. We also reject any major new programmes of road building and would invest in public transport instead. In terms of car use, we will introduce strict new targets on new car emissions – to at least 120g/km on average by 2012 at the European level. A revenue-neutral motorways and trunk roads pricing system on would replace Vehicle Excise Duty and lower harmful motor emissions.

Sustainable methods of moving freight – We will ensure good rail paths on key strategic freight corridors, facilitate the maximum use of inland and coastal waterways and encourage research and development into low-carbon technologies for freight vehicles.

More power to local authorities – Labour has failed to tackle congestion in Britain’s towns and cities. The planning system should be used to minimise the need for car use. We will include promotion of safer cycling and pedestrian routes in all local transport plans. We will end the highly centralised approach to planning and empower local authorities to deal with issues such as traffic target resolution and the regulation of local bus services.

Green zero-carbon vehicles – We will set a zero emissions target for all new cars by 2040. We will also extend targets to all other vehicles, to ensure that by 2050 all freight vehicles are running on electricity, sustainable biofuels or other renewable fuels.

I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on Liberal Democrats Transport policies in the comments below?