According to the Liberal Democrats Party website the Liberal Democrats Party will try to achieve the following if they gain power at the 2010 general election:

Your privacy’s being undermined. There are plans for intrusive ID cards, and the Government snoops into our lives and keeps losing private information. Liberal Democrats will stop identity cards and use the money to pay for more police. We’ll introduce a Freedom Law to protect your privacy.

The way Britain is run means the Government doesn’t have to listen to you – one party can get control over Parliament even if only a quarter of people support them. Liberal Democrats will stop MPs from fiddling expenses – and stop big donations too. We’ll give you a fair voting system so everyone’s opinion counts equally.

For the people, by the people – We will involve the British people in producing a written constitution. This would reform and reinvigorate the democratic process, putting individuals back in control. We will simplify the system for petitioning Parliament and ensure petitions are considered and acted upon. We will lower the voting age to 16, establish a fair, proportional voting system for elections to Westminster and local government, and decentralise decision making. We will reform the House of Lords, replacing it with an elected second chamber.

The power to be different – We will implement the devolution of power to parish, town and community councils so that local people are making the decisions that will affect their communities. Councils will be allowed greater financial independence and autonomy by increasing the amount of money councils spend which is raised locally; in the long term 75% (rather than the current 25%) of total revenue should be raised locally.

Open Government – We will operate transparent and open government with strong Freedom of Information legislation. The Data Protection Act will be reformed to accurately reflect the nature of today’s surveillance society. We will increase the accountability of the Information Commission and review its funding.

Stop government interference in our lives – We will introduce legislation to protect our most important liberties. We will remove the right of the state to retain DNA records of people who do not have a criminal record, restore the right to protest, revise Control Orders, and protect judges’ independence. We will also scrap ID cards and use the money to pay for more police.

Restore the public’s trust – We support reform of party political funding with caps on individual donations and procedures to ensure transparency in party spending.

I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on Liberal Democrats Government and Civil Liberties policies in the comments below?