Comment on Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty by van pham.

Do you have any human sense or conscious? As far as I know, the illegal immigrants make a huge contribution to the public services. These people doing the jobs that majority of British dont even want to look at. In able to remove all illegal immigrants will take 20 year with unpredictable costs. Ignore these people means that they dont have to pay tax and they will earn as much money as they can regardless that is criminal job or low paid job, send money to their country and go back home once they get caught. Allow illegal immigrants who can speak english and have no criminal records will bring huge benefits to UK (reduce criminals, tax contribution) because these people show that they are willing to live here and integrate with society.

Myself is an illegal immigrant as well, and i have been here 8 years since i was 15. However, you would be very surprise that i’ve been able work and managed to graduating from a leading university in UK without borrow a single penny from your government. Plus i have got an acceptant to carry on to do Master in a science subject at a top university next year as well.

So if the immigrant system works properly and efficient, then why would i able to do all that. I must have been caught and deported long time a go. I am not saying that i am not saying im a talent but a person with skills that UK needs.

Whether a not to allow illegal immigrant like me or people who willing to bring benefit to this country , i’ll leave it to you to think about.