Comment on Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty by Diego.

There is only one advice to those who hate migrants. Line them all up in front of the Parliament and blow their head up. Wipe the surface of the earth of Africa, Asia , India and China among others and rid the universe of all other people but those you like, i.e yourselves.. .. Easy, isolate from the rest of the globe.
Root the very source of the problem and why not re-introduce slavery? It is pointless blaming the politicians. They have to play the game, so would anybody in politics….and every game has its own rules…… it is in a democracy
Forget the contributions of migrants in the Uk, think only about your hatred. Forget those you attack for no rational or lawful reasons under the veil of wmd. Havoc the universe by meddling into internal affairs of other countries, attack and slaughter, call it protecting your streets and when there is retaliation, brand them unwanted migrants instigating and propagating hatred….
Pretend you need no one else, name it civility and first world versus slums and third world but DO NOT refrain from importing from India and China, continue to enrich on cheap labour from Sri Lanka …… keep it up….. Could it have been more brutishness than this?
It’s high time you people get real and shun the hypocrisy guys….