Comment on Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty by An Illegal immigrant.

Amnesty will only help britans economy.
I have been live illegaly in Britan for 6 year now, aways paying my taxes, I got fake ID’s and fake insurance, wich by the way, Ireland revenue is completelly fail. At this time my insurance number is already registered and not fake any more..

I need a insurance to work… If I work with a insurance I pay taxes…

why do we came to Britan and not to Spain or France ? becase over there they already gave amnesty and the illegaly work is compleatly impossible, we have to register in the police departamet first before try to work, or the employer will not give us work…
but in UK is easy to get fake documentations.
and the employers can’t distinguish if the documentations is fake or not.
I even cross the immigration borders with ID docs.
the immigrations offices in UK are completely unprepared… I wouldn’t try the same in Swichzeland!

But one thing is really not true; that illegal immigrants do not pay tax… we pay all the taxes and some times even more that we should pay… because, if we camplaing in Ireland’s revenue we may get catch, and we dont have any expectation to have it back, because we are illegaly here.

To remove all the illegaly immigrants will cost UK a fortune, and after that Britan will fell for those taxes payer.

As uncle Gordon would say: get real people!