Comment on Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty by Ogiugo.

If you are advocating against amnesty, you are not doing it for the benefit of the country but you are being a racist and a big bigot. Illegal immigrants contributes immensely to the development of the nations economy because they all work and pay tax. They are not lazy and doesn’t go for plenty children. I as an illegal immigrant have worked peacefully in this country for nine good years and i have paid tax likewise thousands of other illegal immigrants that I know. It is time this country learn from Spain and Italy. These nations are benefiting greatly from immigrant in the sense that they grant them amnesty all the time and they have to renew their papers every year but before doing so these immigrants have to provide proof that they have worked and pay tax for the year so as a result they are no illegal employment in these two countries. All immigrant are working and contributing to the development of their economy. What will Britain loose as a nation from illegal immigrant that pay hight rate of tax and are afraid to complain, they don’t go to NHS because they might get caught; they are not on benefit of any kind because they are not entitled to it. All the immigrant want is to be able to work and go home and see their family some times, especially to bury their love ones when they pass away, they don’t need your benefit because they are strong. I don’t want to go into history here because it is the past and I will leave it there but I will advice you, Suzie to go close to immigrants and understand their lives and what they go through before condemning them. I have a friend who has a five year old child. He is from Africa and the little girl is suffering from a disease called Sickle Cell Anaemia
It has no cure and no hope for her in Africa but the home office are going to deport them, this is a child born here…please can we fight for her and her family, remember the British had done a lot of havoc in Africa in the past

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