Comment on Labour Policies : Women Policy by Amy Bowling.

I feel let down by Labour who claim they are a party for women. I work 39 hours a week, and am on maternity leave and I only get £123.06 per week in pay, I and I am sure other women feel, that we are being penalised in a way for having children. being on maternity leave means I am losing £200.00 a month from my normal wage. I think that this is a disgrace, and that the government should continue to pay the basic rate, but make companies top up the shortfall, so that women on maternity leave do not miss out on money that is vital for survival, nd yes I know there are benefits that you can claim, but added together they do not make up the shortfall. Also this should be the same for fathers on paternity leave, why should they lose out for having children!! Also when I return to work I will not be able to afford childcare, therefore I will have to reduce my hours and take a cut in pay, childcare should be free to all children from birth. The company I work for does give childcare vouchers to help pay for childcare, but this comes out of my monthly wage, which I can not afford