Comment on Labour Policies : Labour Supporting Hard-Working Families Policy by K williams.

Lara, you & many others are now realising the con artists ALL these parties are, as long as they feather their own nests its “sod the rest of us”. They continue to fiddle their expenses, vote themselves obscene rises, whilst wasting huge sums on “aiding” corrupt overseas govts, Browns total cockup of the economy for the past years means that your childrens children will be paying these debts.
Ever increasing numbers of immigrants, legal & otherwise CONTINUE TO FLOOD IN despite lies to the contrary, and eat up yet more of OUR TAX money which should be used to help people like yourself!
Check out the party that pledges to stop this waste, dont believe the lies in the “media”, vote BNP

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AGAIN David, your Bias has Blinkered you to such an extent you cannot, or will not even read the post Mark was referring to see below
3VoteNo ToBNP
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