Comment on Labour Policies : Labour Supporting Hard-Working Families Policy by Lara M Yule.

You are what my family always believed in and by default, I did too! Why are you trying to stop my degree to be a schoolteacher in my 4th year (out of 6 yrs then?) I have no intention of ‘gracing’ the doors of the DSS every again( after this 1st time of being a lone parent and having the degrading situation of having to claim benefis, certainly not by choice to having to ‘sign on’ – how degrading) after working in the City pre-child fpor many years, I cannot inforunately afford to work locally and pay my mortgage, bills, childcare etc..I am having to pay money on my mortgage already out of my benefits because of the interest rates cut, plus building insurance, plumbing, electricity and oher mantinence bills, so some weeks, me and my daughter can barely afford to eat on the ‘value foods’ alone from supermarkets! This is nothing short of an absolute disgrace, espcially when you were dedudcting £500 plus per month from me, tax/ NI on a £1750 pe month wage, for many many year……………you have no exceptions or discretion to people wo ARE TRULY TRYING to get back into work and STAY IN work! Shame on you – you have truly disgraced one family who was for generations (up until 2010) staunch Labour supporters!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

Ms L M Yule

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