Comment on Labour Policies : Education Policy by Mrs Ann Jack.

Re: education policy

Young people, young people, young people! Is that all you care about?
What about all the adults who lose occupations through redundancy and other situations in their lives. And, yet you are cutting back on adult education, no end. Shame on you!

And, how do you expect FE tutors to care for 14 year olds in adult environments? That is just totally ludicrous and irresponsible. Adults who enter colleges do not undertake CRB checks and could be mingling with youngsters with no restrictions. Further more, adult ed. tutors are not trained in the physiological & psychological developments of children. The odd, compulsory staff dev. session on this topic is just an insult to the training our secondary school teachers have to undertake to work in our schools.

I think Labour have ‘lost the plot’ as for as education goes. And your ‘testing, testing, testing’ approach to out children is also insane. Image taking a test as a 6 year old. How would you feel?

The damage you have done needs repairing, and now.

Regards, Ann