According to the Labour Party website the Labour Party have achieved the following in their time in power:

* Under Labour we have had the longest period of sustained low inflation since the 1960s, the lowest interest rates since the 1960s and the highest levels of employment since records began

* The second highest employment rate and GDP per head of the G7

* Inflation rates have averaged less than half their rates between 1979 and 1997 in the past decade, even after recent unforeseen shocks.

* There are approximately 430,000 more VAT registered businesses now than in 1997, and 350,000 more self-employed people

* Over the last 12 years, the incomes of the poorest 20 per cent of the population have grown faster than the richest 20 per cent.

* 600,000 children have been lifted out of poverty

* New Deal – helped over 1.8 million people into work

* Cut number of young people making long-term unemployment claims by over 75 per cent

I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on Labour’s Economic Stability and Full Employment policies in the comments below?