Comment on Labour Policies : Labour Drugs Protecting Families and Communities Policy by David.

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I’ve not looked at that story so no idea if it’s accurate or not. 75% sounds VERY high, I assume the BNP’s implications are the majority of black people between the ages of 18 and 35 are a bunch of scallywags?

If it is 75% that’s a serious concern, though to know what it all means you need access to the data. For example 75% of 1,000 people is not the same as 75% of 1,000,000 people. How many 18-35 year old black men are there in the UK?

Doesn’t the DNA database hold DNA fingerprints from people arrested for a crime, not ONLY people convicted of a crime which throws open the question how many of the black men in question are convicted of a crime and how does that compare to other groups of people?

It’s important to think about questions like these when you read a story that furthers a political parties agenda.

I was listening to a female Conservative MP (Dorris maybe) on the Parliament Channel yesterday and it was about drug use. She used a statistic that the increase in methadone doses which was up from 1 million to 1.8 million means the government wasn’t tackling drug abuse. Well that could also be argued an increase in methadone treatment is an indication the government are doing more to tackle drug abuse.

Same debate and a Labour MP went through what a Conservative MP had said in the papers multiple times regarding households claiming £15,000 or more a year in benefits etc… the numbers had doubled (I think). The Conservative MP’s implication was since Labour came into power more people are scrounging of the welfare system. When the statistics are looked at more closely a significant number of the increase was pensioner households and so another way to interpret the data was since Labour came to power more old people are getting financial help (or there’s a lot more old people).

I suppose my point is politics is filled with liars who manipulate the data for political gain :-(

David (the real one :-))

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