Comment on Labour Policies : Labour Drugs Protecting Families and Communities Policy by Tim Gluckman.

The Labour Party has quite a good record since 1997. It has been better than most other governments in the world including e.g. that of the Germans. Here in the UK they have made it much easiere to get into maintenance prograns. Access to clean needles is good.
What is a great pity is that David Nutt was sacked the head of the AMCD. The principle involved was that up till then whichever govt. was in power had always accepted the advice of the experts.
With the sacking of D. Nutt the Labour Party made it clear that they were going to use substance use and abuse for their own short-term purposes. Very sad.
Under Brown they have become too statist, too cautious, too beholden to the police.
Let the experts and specialists in the field decide. What do some politicians on cosy incomes know of the subject?
Get rid of these headline driven policies, and move towards legalisation. The Lib Dems are much better than the LP on this unfortunately. And I used to be a diehard supporter, was election agent once (in local elections).