Far right political groups in the UK (throughout Europe) are concerned at what they see as the spread of the Islam/Muslim faith, the so called Islamification of Britain/Europe/America et al.

The concern is the Islam/Muslim faith will replace the current main faiths (Christian, Catholic etc…) and way of life and even laws in those countries. Replacing British law with Sharia law.

Lets have a poll.

Islamification of Britain Poll

Poll closed

Islamification of Britain

I’m looking for some suggestions of options to add so we have a range of opinions. Something along the lines of:

Yes, we should remove ALL Muslims from Britain.

Yes, we should stop Muslim Immigration into Britain.

No, Islam is a Peaceful Religion and not a Threat.

No, Islam is a Peaceful Religion, but Islamic Extremists are a Threat.

Looking for suggestions and I’ll add those that cover a range of opinions, the above ones seem inadequate to cover the full range of opinion.

Islamification of Britain Myth or Reality

Also interested in views of this is even real or a myth developed by the far right?

David Law