Comment on Is the National Minimum Wage Safe Under a Conservative Government? by Vote No To Conservative.

David Cameron opposed the National Minimum Wage introduced in 1998 by the Labour Party, describing it as a “burden on business”.

Before Labour’s minimum wage, British people were often paid less than £1 an hour!.

Every single Tory MP voted against the National Minimum Wage!

In 2008, a bill was put forward in the Commons by Tory backbenchers proposing the effective abolition of the National Minimum Wage, giving employers the option of refusing to hire those who refused to work below the Minimum Wage!

Peter Bone was one of the Conservative MPs proposing this bill, Peter Bone once boasted in a speech to the Conservative Conference that he only paid his employees 88p per hour.

David Cameron is a millionaire (estimated to be worth over £30 million!) and is from an extremely wealthy family, he never has and never will have to experience the sort of work British people do for the national minimum wage. Like most Tories, he is out of touch with the British public.

Vote Yes to Minimum Working Standards for British Workers and No to Conservative Greed in 2010

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