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I think it’s the same with every party David, I can’t say I agree with all the Conservative policies but they currently have more policies I can get behind that Labour do.

As a previous Labour voter I am concerned about the Conservatives ruining things like the New Deal (they are creating pretty much the same thing different name), initially with more money behind it but I think that will be re-thought once elected and the money being put in will drop (I hope it doesn’t, but have a feeling it will).

But I have to give them a chance with my vote this time and hammer them as much as possible to make sure they stick to what they promise, I know it may be too late by then if they do u-turn but I can’t see Labour improving things in the near future.

But always open to change, so we’ll see once the full manifestos are out maybe Labour can switch me back again, will be hard work this time but who knows.

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