Comment on Is the National Minimum Wage Safe Under a Conservative Government? by David.

I don’t think the Conservatives would risk removing the national minimum wage for the reason you mention, would be like another Poll Tax if they did!

However, my concern is the Conservatives have never been behind it and though I think we’ll now always have a national minimum wage in some form, I could see them not maintaining it’s link with inflation which would be terrible long term!

If the Conservatives removed the link with inflation or froze it for some reason (deal with government debt for example), long term it would make the national minimum wage meaningless to the average low paid worker. Yes, it might take over a decade before the real damage is done since if the link was lost today it would take some time before the legal minimum wage drops in real terms.

I have real problems trusting the Conservatives, I’m sure there are some good ones, but the parties nature is to protect big business, the upper middle class (people with money) not the working class**.

** I’m doing really well money-wise, but I’ll never forget where I came from and that was very poor working class (way below the poverty line) and I can’t turn my back on people who are like I was only 10 years ago.


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