Comment on Is the National Minimum Wage Safe Under a Conservative Government? by Sarah in the Desert.

Good for you! Stand by your principles!

Personally, I would make people take responsibility for themselves as far as the NHS are concerned.

If you drink and smoke like a trooper then you should contribute to the cost of your lung and liver transplants. If you are hugely obese (apart from genuine thyroid problems), you should contribute towards the cost of treating your Type 2 diabetes and associated problems. I notice in the press recently that people admitted to hospital with alcohol related problems will be fined and made to pay so that’s a start!

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Good for you Vesna! Welcome to expathood!

It’s a funny feeling when you first arrive in your new country, almost like you’ve just woken up!

You can still register to vote though …

Why I’ll Never Vote Conservative at a General Election

I understand what you’re saying and you have made a couple of valid points on Conservatives cutting public spending. I agree with you that they do all fib! …

Why I’ll Never Vote Conservative at a General Election


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I …

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