Comment on How Would You Vote in a 2nd People’s Vote? by Jack.

We now have at least 6-7 massive multi-national companies (Dyson, Sony, Panasonic etc.) that have already moved or are now in the process of moving their head offices out of our country due to this. We have the two biggest aviation companies in the world saying they will move operations abroad if it’s a no deal as they won’t be able to operate. Car manufacturers are closing down their plants (some for several weeks) because of the unknown impacts and they have also voiced concerns about continued investment in the UK given the trajectory we are on. But there will always be the bloke above (or below, depending on how these comments are formatted) with his fingers in his ears shouting everyone down, saying we’ll be fine on our own. We will survive, of course we will, but we won’t be better off! Far from it…. many will suffer for a number of years because of this mess and we will not be better off (if at all!) for a very very long time.