Comment on Home Secretary Theresa May Indicates ASBO’s to be Scrapped by Peter Denman-Johnson.

Tonight on the TV News some of the comments were about Binge drinking in the town centres, and the problems with the ASBOs’
I think a good answer for the binge drinking would be where all the trouble occurs put extra tax on the pub/club concerned on the price of their drink this wouldn’t penalise the places that conform with the law. I think this would bring the places with the trouble into line very quick when their sales drop of.
Vandals trouble makers,and yobs who make our lives misserable. Whisk them away from their parents to a penal or nearby army camp and make them work in a labour gang like they do in the states These gangs could help out local councils working six days a week for as long as the sentance.
I don’t think you’d get many re-offending.
Anyway food for thought think about it.