Home Secretary Theresa May has indicated in a speech that the ASBO’s (Anti-Social Behavioural Order) might be scrapped.

May said in a speech today it is “time to move beyond” ASBO’s, indicating the potential scrapping in England and Wales.

Launching the new review system Theresa May said it was time to “stop tolerating” bad behaviour.

I have to say ASBO’s are too weak, more than half of the Anti-Social Behavioural Orders given out were breached from 2000-2008.

We need a more punishing action to do with youth crime and anti-social behaviour. Yobs treat them like badges of honour we need to be more firm and hard with the way we treat young offenders.

I hope they are removed and more importantly; replaced with a more ‘harsh’ punishment.

Author: Caleb Law age: 13