Comment on Halting Immigration Would be Economic Suicide for the UK! by David.

“I believe your name is not David. I believe that you are not a Christian and your site is used just to find out who is who and who votes what.”

My Dearest Kate,

Welcome to the world of BNP conspiracy theories, you are not the first to say something like the above. Though I think you are the first numpty to suggest I’m collecting commenter’s details presumably for some untoward communist reasons, whoa :-)

If you honestly believe my name is not David (my middle name is Cameron as well, not joking, it is) and you are right I would be breaking a law (maybe not a law, but a rule, no idea which as not checked) on owning a domain and giving false information for the Whois database.

Now, if you were right you or anyone else could make a complaint to the authority that controls domain names and if you were right I’d loose this domain name: that’s how the law/rule works (I’m sure at least one other reader could confirm this).

Feel free to make that complaint, but do a little research on Whois data first (start here : that is my real full name) so you don’t completely embarrass yourself with silly BNP conspiracy theories: you talk just like a BNP mumpty, so as far as I’m concerned you are one of them.

You are correct on one point, I’m not a Christian, never said I was. Have said more than a few times I’m an atheist, I have faith in science and the ingenuity of humanity, not some mythical entity.

The reason I own this site is because this is part of what I do for a living (I make all my money online). I’m what’s known as a search engine optimisation consultant (or SEO consultant), that means I help businesses get good search engine rankings (Google mainly).

Since I can’t practice SEO techniques on clients sites (could damage them) and I think it’s wrong to use a clients site to advertise my SEO skills I’ve registered about 100 domains, most of which have sites on them (like this one) and as a hobby try to make as much money as possible from those sites while getting them high in Google: see (another site of mine) for more information. That sites a bit of fun, see if I can become a millionaire just from ad revenue from my sites (not even close to the million target with 6 and bit years left to go).

I made this site in particular as I was worried about the Conservatives winning the general election and it’s taken off big time. I remember the Tories under Thatcher and it was not fun for poor people (I came from a poor family).

There you go Kate, full disclosure as I have nothing to hide. Take it or leave it, I don’t care, I find it quite funny when numpties like you make up silly conspiracy theories involving me :-) I own a conspiracy theory site : maybe you’d enjoy commenting there instead of here ;-)

What’s really funny is people like you who seem to think arguing with me on my site hurts me in some way haven’t a clue. When you create a comment there’s a good chance it will generate a new page like which search engines like Google can index, which means as my speciality is gaining traffic from search engines you help me gain traffic to my site.

More traffic = more money in my bank account, so thanks Kate :-)


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