Comment on Halting Immigration Would be Economic Suicide for the UK! by Howard.

The reason the government says we need skilled workers to fill our skills gap is because they do not provide funding to train unemployed people to fill these gaps as for there so called new deal utter bunkum its to say to the voting public we are bringing unemployment under control.

As an unemployed person on this so called new deal all i have come across is negativity we cannot fund training to get u back into work but sit in front of a computer for 3 hours and search for a job. Then do a mandatory months work placement for no pay with no job offer at the end, in other words slave labour thats why labour has lost my vote.

A lot of the factories in my area are filled with foreign workers in unskilled jobs we need a strong government with the courage to say enough is enough and stop the flood of immigrant workers coming in

As far as i am concerned labour is selling our country out.

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