According to the UK Green Party website the Green Party will try to achieve the following if they gain power at the 2010 general election:

DY600 Comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation of the highest standard will be introduced, along with the necessary means of implementing it.

DY601 An end to the oppression of disabled people can only be achieved under the guidance of disabled people themselves. Therefore an Enablement Commission will be established as an independent body for monitoring progress made in this area. It will be made up of disabled people and will be accorded rights and powers such that it can allow disabled people themselves to define their own reasonable needs and ensure that these needs are met. It will receive complaints against breaches of anti-discrimination legislation, and against this legislation itself, should the latter be found wanting. It will be fully involved in the preparation of new legislation. It will have a wide-ranging, often proactive role in the deconstruction of the social phenomena of disability.

I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on UK Green Party’s Disability Social and Political Enablement policies in the comments below?