Comment on General Election 2010 Economy Polls by David.

I wish the people of this island would realise we are not the world power we once were. We need a voice in the future, and that should be in Europe, a central player not on the edges. Get rid of tridant, have proportional representation.

I sound like a Liberal, but I am not. I do not trust Tories, with people dying on trollies in hospitals, police numbers at an all time low. I remember them well.

Labour did some good things with the Tories voting against. Independance for the Bank Of England, Min Wage.many employers forcasting job gloom and doom.. something like business today over NI increases.

The liberals offer most for me, but not living in a marginal were my vote could assist in keeping Tories out, I am left with regret Labour

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Liberal Democrats to Win The General Election!

Its time for change, how do we say to Labour voters “Vote Liberal and keep out the Tories”

The anti Tory vote should join and it would be a clear victory.

Osbourne …

General Election 2010 Poll Results

Having lived under both Tory and Labour governments I know that I dread the prospect of either.
Liberal I havn,t seen, and maybe in a few years I would be saying …