Comment on General Election 2010 Economy Polls by Paul.

It would be difficult to trust the labour party on the economy. Their performance has been lax and unbelievably expensive. So their track record, under Gordon’s management and with the current chancellor, is discouraging.
Politicians in the house of commons, whatever their governmental position, are commoners. They are not supposed to be necessarily experienced. Experience is the job of the civil service and the upper house (Lords).
Having said that, the other parties who oppose Labour, give me no reason to trust them either, except that Vince Cable seems to have a cohesive and sensible policy which supports us ordinary mortals. That is the nearest I can come to “trust”, for now.
Sadly our British system does not give any voter the opportunity to vote on such individual different issues (yet!). So, on the basis of the economy, I would have to choose Liberal.
Overall, on the basis of trusting MPs at all, I would have to spoil my vote. Sad.