Comment on General Election 2010 Economy Polls by David.

Interesting General Election 2010 Economy Poll results so far.

Appreciate it’s only a small number of votes, but so far the Conservatives are not fairing too well on the economy which traditionally is their strength.

I guess like me the British electorate remember what it was like under a Tory government with economic disaster after disaster!!!

Seems to me if the Conservatives win (they will win the popular vote that seems certain, but not necessarily in MP numbers) it’s going to be because the electorate is fed up of 13 years of Labour, NOT that they have fallen back in love with the Conservatives.

Do others feel the same as me with the Tories recent economic plans, like giving tax breaks for married people is DUMB while we have such a massive debt? I’m not one for squeezing every penny out of the people, but in the hard times ahead rewarding marriage (and I’m married and I assume I’ll benefit) should not be a priority. Seems like a cheap election vote puller rather than a serious economic policy.

The priority should be getting as many people to work as possible and reducing our debt.

Did make me laugh when one of the news outlets took a detailed look at the Tories plans to stop benefits for benefit cheats convicted of fraud 3 times.

Guess how many benefits cheats have been prosecuted 3 times: Yes you guessed it, ZERO, NON, NIL POINTS. That would mean this policy would cost money to bring into legislation and manage. Even if they included benefit cheats convicted twice there’s only 68 people who it would have affected so far!

Vince Cable the Lib Dems is doing really well, he does come across as really trustworthy. I’m not sure why though :-)


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