The Training wheels are off and David Cameron drops the leash – The Big Boy Clegginator enjoy’s PM-free independence.

Nick Clegg has dropped PM David Cameron being very brave and making a speech without any interruption by the coalition cabinet.

Other than the unruly MP’s in the House of Commons Nick Clegg sailed through the Parliamentary session, there wasn’t any hand-holding or guiding by his colleges/nannies, in some respects he gave the illusion to have a drop of power.

Through out the interesting hours of politics many issues were raised like the rather silly attempt to grill the coalition on something that they cannot effect; the amount of people on the electoral register. What are they meant to do force people at gun-point to register?, if they are going to register they will register.

Since it hasn’t finished yet I’ll leave you with this political cartoon.

PM Lets Go of the Leash Giving Nick Clegg Back His Freedom Political Cartoon

Artist/Author: Caleb Law age: 13