Comment on Election 2010 Dear Conservative Shadow Cabinet and Conservative Blue Blog Moderator by MARYANNE.

I dearly would like to see the Conservative party back in government. However, David Cameroon is still at this late stage very vague and is not not spelling out credible reasons why we should vote for him. From where I am it looks as though they are giving the Labour party a free reign to denounce the Conservatives and not hitting the government hard where it hurts. Why aren’t they criticizing Mr. Brown for repeatedly assuring us that our economy was the best placed to come out of recession and it turned out to be the last one with extremely weak growth figures. There is plenty of evidence to prove that they have not managed the economy well. As the education system in the country is churning out record number of school leavers and graduates with A/A* and top degrees respectively why are 80% of the jobs taken up by foreigners showing that the youngsters in this country are unemployable? Why are more and more immigrants allowed in this country when there are no jobs for them. In these days of austerity how is it possible for health tourists to get free hospital treatment while elderly people who have paid taxes all their lives are neglected and allowed to die. Mr Brown makes promises that he cannot keep. Does anyone believe that he can provide a nurse for every cancer patient as he stated recently. With all their previous promises child poverty is increased and the gap between the richest and poorest has widendend. Mr Cameroon please wake up and hit some sharp blows repeatedly so that the electorate are made aware of the numerous failings and failed promises of this government.