Dear Conservative Shadow Cabinet and Conservative Blue Blog Moderator

Earlier this month I made a comment at the Conservative Blue blog, specifically in response to this blog post:

I think you’ll agree a blog post titled “Ask me your questions on the economy” by George Osborne (Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and Conservative General Election Campaign Coordinator) invites questions on the economy from the British public (such as myself).

I asked a variety of questions in my comment which I include below:

As a Labour voter I know the Conservatives are almost certainly going to be in government after the general election, not happy about it, but that’s politics. Created this site as Conservatives in government again concerns me so much!

Since you plan to cut public spending as soon as you take power, how many public sector workers will this send to the unemployment line?

Have you factored into your planned savings the knock on effect of having less money flowing through the economy?

For example if your public sector cuts directly results in 100,000 public sector workers loosing their jobs, this must also result in further job losses in the private sector as those 100,000 can no longer pay their mortgage, pay private businesses to provide various services etc… How many more unemployed are we looking at and is it worth the savings?

Are you not concerned at a double dip recession if you start cutting spending sooner rather than later?

Everyone knows current Labour government spending that’s part of the economic stimulus package can not continue indefinitely, the question is when is it safe to cut the life line and start taking the economic pain that’s been to some degree delayed?

I think these are reasonable political questions on Conservative economic policy, but the Conservative Blue Blog webmaster/moderator deleted the comment!

I’ve been trying to find out why the comment was deleted for over 10 days?

I’ve posted two further comments to the Conservative Blue Blog and an email via your contact form: asking why, but with no response so far.

Hence this email (sent to all the members of the Conservative Shadow Cabinet who publish an email address and the Conservative Blue Blog Webmaster/Moderator) and open letter (you’ll find a copy of this email at .

I own a few websites including a well ranked politics site (my first political site as it happens) related to the up coming general election If you check Google you’ll find the site ranked quite well for relevant General Election search phrases such as:

General Election Poll – 1st domain
General Election – 6th domain
General Election 2010 – 2nd domain
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Conservative Policies – 6th domain
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and many, many more.

As you can imagine as the general election draws closer and general election fever hits the country, my site will see quite a bit of relevant General Election traffic. I would like to be able to explain to my General Election sites visitors why the Conservative Blue blog moderator is deleting what I think are perfectly reasonable comments/questions from the British public?

I’ve posted a running summary of my comment being deleted and subsequent email etc… being ignored at

Thank You

David Cameron Law (that’s my real name, ironic as I vote Labour).