Comment on David Cameron Encourages British Airways Employees to Cross Picket Lines by David.

“This is capitalism, it encourages competition and rewards the fittest in a free market.”

I generally agree with your comment, I run my own business and the government has no place in telling us what we should do with our businesses.

That being said I see no issue with government acting as an arbiter to get the relevant bodies around a table talking as it’s better for the country for this dispute to be resolved preferably with compromises from both parties than have BA fail and thousands of British jobs lost.

Although this is true “Just remember that if BA goes under smaller fish will soon move into the market and the employees will find new jobs.” some of those smaller fish will be foreign airlines which means rather than British people gaining those jobs, it will be workers in another country and that isn’t good for Britain.

Woolworths was struggling before the credit crunch, they’d failed to change their business plan in the good years and in the bad years couldn’t survive! However tempting it must be for government to step in and bail out a company like Woolworths it should be avoided as it results in weak businesses. That’s the problem we had with many of the nationalised industries, government was always there to pick up the bill no matter what went wrong which is a terrible way to run a business: no responsibility to at least break even!

Not against nationalised industries per se, but there is a BIG tendency for them to be run poorly because they don’t HAVE to succeed. In a perfect world government would own a lot of businesses, (for example I’d rather profits from my savings in the bank goes to government than the bankers right now) but they’d be managed well with profit in mind, unfortunately in reality it doesn’t work that way. My business fails, we loose our house, savings etc… and my family doesn’t eat, a nationalised business fails, government throws more money at it to keep it afloat at any cost!


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