During Wednesday’s Prime Ministers Question Time, the opposition leader David Cameron stated he wants Unite Trade Union members to cross the picket lines and go to work and wanted Prime Minister Gordon Brown to make the same statement.

Around 90% of the Unite trade union members voted to go on strike if British Airways management didn’t offer a better deal. I don’t know enough about why British Airways employees feel it’s necessary to go on strike, so can’t comment on the rights and wrongs of the decision (not that it matters for my point).

Since going on strike is a legal option available to BA employees I don’t think a potential next Prime Minister (David Cameron) should be encouraging Unite trade union members to cross the picket lines during a legal strike, it sends the wrong message to the country!

David Cameron should have taken the same stance as Gordon Brown and encouraged the Trade Union Unite and BA management to work together to reach a resolution to avoid damaging strikes instead of picking sides, potentially making matters worse!