Comment on Conservative Policies : Conservative Universities and Skills Policy by Lara M Yule.

I am in my 4th year of an BSC(HONS) degree(part-time) to become a secondary schoolteacher and am on benefits. I have been told conflicting advice consistently from the DSS regarding being allowed to continue my degree? This is my only option, as having worked all my life and brought a property in 2001 (as opposed to a council property)on my City wage, now that I’m a lone parent and only able to work locally, I lose approx £12’000 in my salary and am unable to afford to work locally, hence my degree. Once i have my degree ( and hopefully a job that allows me to pay my mortgage and bills) I do not want to have to ever grace the doors of the DSS ever again. Why then, am I being lumped into the catorgery of those who are TOO LAZY too work? I also do 2 days in a charity for work experience to prepare myself fo the routine of working, I do wonder at times whether I should just be sitting on my backside instead, like other people I know, as I get tarred with the same brush at my ‘work-focused’ interviews, even though I am doing at least in excess of 40 hrs per week of work and study! I am in the catorgery of someone who DOES WANT TO WORK but cannot sadly afford to, but there appears to be NO HELP AT ALL for our minority??


Ms L M Yule

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