According to the Conservative Party website the Conservative Party will try to achieve the following if they gain power at the 2010 general election:

The primary responsibilities of the British government are to protect our nation from the threats of war, terrorism, climate change, energy insecurity, crime and economic instability. New problems need fresh solutions and the Conservative Party has them. Fresh ideas like the introduction of elected police commissioners and crime mapping to make policing more accountable; and a decentralised energy revolution to enable every school, hospital and household to generate their own electricity.


We want to see a decentralised energy revolution in Britain.

Instead of relying on the large centralised energy providers of old, we want Britain to adopt micro-generation: small providers, including homes and businesses, producing energy for their own use, using a variety of methods from combined heat and power (CHP) to wind to photovoltaic power.

A new system of ‘feed-in tariffs’, by which people are paid for the energy they produce, will stimulate diversity and decentralisation of our power supply, as well as incentivise energy-saving.

Our decentralised energy paper sets out plans to encourage micro-generation through feed-in tariffs:

* Enable every small firm, local school, hospital and household to generate electricity through micro-generation
* A fixed price to be paid for all electricity produced from decentralised, low carbon sources
* Ensure smart meters are available free of charge to anyone installing micro-generating capacity


Britain’s prison system is not working. Half of all crime is committed by previous offenders and 65 per cent of prisoners re-offend within two years of release.

The measures laid out in our policy paper, ‘Prisons with a purpose’, will restore confidence in the criminal justice system, re-design prisons for the 21st century, and launch a sentencing and rehabilitation revolution.

* We will introduce honesty in sentencing so courts set a minimum and a maximum period of incarceration
* We will replace automatic release with earned release
* We will make community sentences tough and effective, and withdraw benefits for those who don’t attend
* We will enforce Drug Rehabilitation Requirements
* Offenders will compensate victims through a Victims’ Fund. Those serving custodial sentences will pay into the Fund through work in prison
* Prison and Rehabilitation Trusts and private sector prisons will be paid by results – with a premium awarded if the offender is not reconvicted within two years
* We will accelerate the deportation of foreign national prisoners
* We will increase prison capacity by more than 5,000 places over and above Labour’s plans, to end overcrowding by 2016


We urgently need to move to a low carbon economy in order to guarantee our energy security, protect the environment for future generations and strengthen our economy by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The policies set out in our policy paper include:

* An electricity internet – we will add computing intelligence to electricity networks by introducing a smart grid and the use of smart meters in homes. This will allow demand and supply to be intelligently managed, and pave the way for large-scale use of renewable energy sources.
* A system of feed-in tariffs – we will create a decentralised energy revolution by paying people who produce energy from renewable resources
* A new national recharging network – this will enable Britain to lead the world in replacing traditional cars with electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles
* New low carbon energy sources – we will enable biogas, methane produced from farm and food wastes, to replace up to 50% of our residential gas heating
* Low carbon buildings, transport and commerce – including a new entitlement for every home to be fitted with up to £6,500 of energy efficient improvements

Conservative Party Protecting Security Policy :

I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on Conservative’s Protecting Security policies in the comments below?