According to the Conservative Party website the Conservative Party will try to achieve the following if they gain power at the 2010 general election:

A Conservative Government’s approach to foreign affairs will be based on liberal Conservative principles.

Liberal, because Britain must be open and engaged with the world, supporting human rights and championing the cause of democracy and the rule of law at every opportunity. But Conservative, because our policy must be hard-headed and practical, dealing with the world as it is and not as we wish it were.

We and our allies face our most serious challenges from persistent international terrorism, attempts by Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, and a newly aggressive Russia.

We must recognise that we are much stronger working through NATO, the UN, or the G8 than when acting alone, and that our moral authority is vital to our success.

Britain enjoys a unique position – it is the place where America, Europe and the Commonwealth meet. Our outlook and responsibilities have always been global, and for Britain to play a full role on the international stage we must:

* Restore cabinet government to our foreign policy decision-making and establish a national security council
* Properly manage our relations with the United States while extending our alliances and trading relationships elsewhere
* Champion reform of the EU and other multilateral or global institutions while simultaneously upholding our own highest values

Conservative Party Foreign Affairs Policy :

I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on Conservative’s Foreign Affairs policies in the comments below?