Comment on Conservative Policies : Conservative Europe Policy by David.

“Restoration of national control over social and employment legislation. Lastly, we want to restore national control over those parts of social and employment legislation which have proved most damaging to the British economy. For instance, we would seek guarantees over the application of the Working Time Directive in our public services, such as the fire service and the NHS.”

Is that such a good thing for British workers?

The Working Time Directive offers protection to workers that the average British person would want protecting.

When it was left to British governments to protect British workers from unrealistic working conditions we had doctors working in the NHS for 72 hour stretches under the Conservatives which is not good for the doctors, the patients or the NHS!

We can not bring back working conditions that allow people to work unrealistically long hours with no recourse in law. This works both ways, it protects workers from unscrupulous employers and from themselves, for example look at lorry drivers that are required by law to take regular breaks, if it was left to them to decide some would miss those breaks and that wouldn’t be as safe.

These types of Conservative policies really concern me of how workers will be treated under a Conservative government. I know the Conservatives care about business (the employers), but do they care about the workers as well?


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