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“Tory Chris”, we , the British, have not been involved in the EU, which was then the EEC, formed in 1951, since day one! When we did try to join later in the 60’s, De Gaulle did not want Britain in! Ted Heath finally went cap in hand and got us in in 1973! Before that we concentrated on trading with the rest of the world especially the old Commonwealth!
The EU has changed from being a trading partnership to attempting to become one big federal state, totally controlling all the member states! Most people in this country & in many other European states, are very wary of that, believing it is diluting our sovereignty by, amongst other things, permitting too many immigrants to have free access to us! It has foisted innumerable new laws & regulations on us, including the ludicrous “human rights” legislation, which gives more prominence to the criminal’s right’s than to the victims! We pay Billions more in than we get out, for what? To help former soviet states attract multi national companies to move their manufacturing plants away from Britain, taking the jobs with them! To allow hordes of criminal Rumanian & slovakian gipsies to descend en masse and claim full benefits from our gullible councils! To potentially open our borders to yet another 70 million muslims from Turkey when they join!

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Conservative Policies : Conservative Europe Policy

The CONS will do nothing, Cameron has already backed out of giving the British people of a referendum on the EU as it would prove that we want OUT!!
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