Comment on Conservative Policies : Conservative Business Policy by David.

Interestingly my wife sees how Labour and the Conservative governments have balanced one another’s policies out over the years as a good thing.

Conservatives take power and strive forward, take big risks that push the country forward, but inevitably they make mistakes, things goes wrong and they loose support. The Conservatives are like a new business trying to strive for the top, when it goes well it’s great, but when it goes badly, oh crap!

Labour take power and try to stabilise what the Conservatives have built, but then inevitably go to far with trying to control everything we do and loose support. Labour are like a well established business, not very innovative, not willing to take big risks and if they aren’t careful are in danger of being left behind (stagnate).

Don’t take the descriptions too literally.

I don’t agree completely with this view, but to some degree I do see the point. Imagine what Britain would be like if we’d have had 60 years of only Labour or only Conservative governments in power, I think it would have been a complete disaster!!

So my wife sees each government has it’s time before it must be replaced for the good of the country.

You’ll probably see that as we need the Conservatives now, I think one more term of Labour, it’s not the time for a Conservative government: we need stability while climbing out of a recession.


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Conservative Policies : Conservative Business Policy

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