Comment on Conservative Policies : Conservative Business Policy by David.

“Our goal is simple: to make Britain the easiest and best place in the world to set up and grow a business.”

I like that goal.

I wrote an article on one of my other sites “Britain Attracts Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs”

I was pleasantly surprised to read in another article (the one I based the above article on :-)):

“According to the Legatum Institute, an investment-led think tank which ranks 104 nations on a Prosperity Index of a variety of business and social measures, Britain is second only to the United States for entrepreneurship and innovation — ahead of Canada, Sweden and the Netherlands.”

So much negativity is published in the media of how bad it is in Britain, yet the truth is we are attracting foreign investment and it’s a great place to live as a business owner (I own my own business).

I saw on the news the other night independent retailers are beginning to rent shops in some towns where the big names have pulled out because of the credit crunch and recession.

As we move out of recession we’ll see gaps in the market place filled with new businesses that are stronger than what was there before. Woolworths was already failing before the credit crunch, but they’d failed to act (change their business model).

The gap Woolworths left on our high streets will need to be filled long term and someone’s going to benefit from that opportunity. Every time I walk by an empty shop I see opportunity.


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Conservative Policies : Conservative Business Policy

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