I’m listening to David Cameron on BBC3 Dermot Meets David Cameron and realised a Conservative ‘untruth’.

David Cameron is talking about a Big Society (which is total waffle IMO) and said they want to listen to the people and if they gain power after May 6th they’ll bring in the ability for the British people to create petitions that if enough people vote for (5% I believe) the Conservative government will debate the petition in parliament and presumably bring it into power.

Sounds great right.

Are we forgetting the Labour ban of fox hunting?

Conservatives Plan to Allow Fox Hunting

We’ve had a vote in parliament that banned fox hunting, the Conservatives in the House of Lords tried to block it: which they are not supposed to do (the House of Lords was acting undemocratic) since banning fox hunting was part of the Labour election manifesto and so the Speaker of the House had to use a rarely used power to push the new legislation through!

So the people have spoken, we voted for Labour and one of their promises was to ban fox hunting which is exactly what we got.

Polls shows around 75% of British people agree with the fox hunting ban. That is a clear majority and yet the Conservatives intend if they gain power to take another look at this legislation and give the house a free vote on fox hunting, basically if the Conservatives have a clear majority fox hunting will be part of the British countryside again!!!

Does this not mean when fox hunting is allowed again we’ll inevitably get a ban fox hunting petition and it will not be hard to get 5% of people to vote on a ban fox hunting petition.

Will this mean in the space of one parliament the Conservatives will both remove the ban on fox hunting and then because the people don’t want fox hunting, ban fox hunting again?

David Cameron also said we’ll be able to vote against a rise in our council tax. Hmm, anyone here want their council tax to go up?

Bloody stupid idea and there is no way they will allow us to stop tax rises etc… because 5% of us don’t like something.