Comment on Conservative Manifesto 2010 General Election by David.

The Conservatives go to tax is VAT, the reason for this is it affects the rich far less than it affects the poorer in society: this tax upsets less Tories than raising Income Tax or National Insurance.

There’s only so much food a person can eat, a multi millionaire like David Cameron won’t spend a great deal more on food (relatively speaking) than the average person in the street who might spend well over half their earnings on just surviving the week! If VAT goes up another 2.5% it’s going to cost the average British family significantly more of their weekly budget than David Cameron’s families budget, and that’s selfish politics.

The Conservatives have no plans to increase VAT, AKA after their planned emergency budget they’ll have plans to raise VAT because the financial situation is worse than they thought while in opposition.

VAT is an unfair tax that hits the poor far more than the rich. Since it’s Cameron’s rich banker friends that caused the financial mess we are in, it’s wrong to not have them at least pay a fair share of the financial pain we are inevitably going to have to suffer after May 6th.

I can not believe ordinary British people, working class British people are going to vote the Tories into power again. What is wrong with you?


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Conservative Manifesto 2010 General Election

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