Comment on Compulsory ID Cards, Good or Bad for Britain Poll? by Rodrigo.


I grew up in a country with ID cards and loads of identification rules. In this country you need ID cards for absolutely everything -to pay with debit/credit card, for loans, a new passport, to pay by check, to enter some buildings, to walk on the street, to get discounts, etc…truly everything, and it has to be renewed every 10 years.


One of the most abusive police forces in the world (it can stop and search you and send you into prison for not carrying your ID)
One of the highest levels of corruption and fraud in the world
Very high levels of identity theft
Discrimination due to marital status (stated in the ID Cards)
Discrimination in the work place
High levels of illegal immigration (currently down thanks to all of the above an not ID cards)

Although the above are not created by ID cards, these have done absolutely nothing to improve the situation , if so only made it worse.

I am also against because:

They create a lot of wastage
are expensive
are invasive

and finally because a good government trusts in the people no criminalise them. we are in our majority good working people, together for a better country. Please stop this nonsense, Great Britain was a desert island populated by immigrants. Those against immigration in Britain are against the very principle that has made this lovely island a great place to live and to look after.