Comment on Compulsory ID Cards, Good or Bad for Britain Poll? by Johann.

Guys, having an ID book, not card, is not a bad thing. We in South Africa have ID books but we NEVER have to carry it around like a big brother, Nazi police state.

It is not like you have to present it to every cop on a street corner and show it whenever you want to buy bread. I only ever have to show it when I go to the bank (even then your drivers license card is sufficient).

I don’t think Britain realises how it would help to track THOUSANDS of illegals living in Britain. An ID book will never, ever work against a citizen. And besides, what personal info can they have on the system? Your name? Last name? and ID number. It is not like they can track you every where you go.

Relax. It is something that can work for you. If you are in Britain legally off course.