From the Labour party manifesto they have a policy to bring in ID cards:

The new biometric ID scheme which already covers foreign nationals will be offered to an increasing number of British citizens, but will not be compulsory for them. It will help fight the growing threat of identity theft and fraud, as well as crime, illegal immigration and terrorism. In the next Parliament ID cards and the ID scheme will be self-financing. The price of the passport and ID cards together with savings from reduced fraud across the public services will fully cover the costs of the scheme.

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I’m torn on compulsory ID cards, I like the concept of an ID card if it helps tackle crime and helps British people in their day to day life. For example if a person is in an accident and the paramedics scan your ID card and find what you blood type is and any relevant medical information like allergies etc… (no idea if they will be able to do this?).

Could also help tackle illegal immigration, if every British citizen holds a compulsory ID card, it would make illegal immigrants finding work harder.

But then I worry about the erosion of our civil liberties, will the ID cards that the Labour party say won’t be compulsory in the next parliament only be used for helpful things or is this the top of the slippery slope of more Big Brother in Britain, will they for example be compulsory 10 years from now???