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Since you and I are the same person according to more than a few commenter’s here it will make interesting reading to see me argue with me, I mean you, I mean I????

I have to admit to have avoided debating with you, not because I agree with everything you say, but because I’ve been too busy dealing with all the pro BNP comments! There was a comment thread on the work for dole type policies that I planned to comment on again, but the BNP comments got in the way: I know you’ve had personal experience with that sort of scheme and you think policies like those are doomed to fail, but I still think something can be done to get our bone idle youth to work (not all young people, but there’s enough to need dealing with, something should be done about it).

I have noticed a lack of non BNP comment threads been started and followed through on my site despite some days hitting over 3,500 visitors a day (sites most popular on weekends, averages around 2,300 a day).

The comments on my make money online type sites are so much easier to deal with, I tend to get lots of thank you comments for being so helpful and generous with my knowledge for free. After watching Slum Dog Millionaire and the India week on CH4 recently and associating it with a significant proportion of my visitors are from poor countries like India and Pakistan (looking for ways to make money online to get out of poverty) I gave away a free money making blog theme that a person with no money and no search engine optimisation skills, but Internet access and time could use to make a little extra cash without paying a penny to setup/run. I expect it will be downloaded thousands of times a year and it will help some poor people around the world to make a little cash : started at

In comparison we have Nick Griffin saying we shouldn’t give financial aid to Haiti! I’m glad the average British person is far more charitable when they see people in desperate need no matter where they are from.


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Commenting Policy

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In the words of the British National Party : Enough is Enough!

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Commenting Policy

One of these days I’m sure you’ll make the decision whether you will or won’t be commenting here anymore, you seem to not be able to stay away :-)

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Commenting Policy

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